Oreimo or Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai by Tsukasa Fushimi.

Oreimo is an awesome manga and anime written by Fushimi-sensei.

But as the rumour is, it contains incest. THIS is against my viewpoint. In the series, only sibling relationship has been highlighted. Kyosuke Kosaka and Kirino have not talked for years, but soon the discovery of Kirino’s R18+ incest games brings them closer as Kyosuke attempts to save his little sister’s hobby and gets it accepted by other acquaintances.

They have fights like siblings. Guys, I have a brother who is 4 yrs older than me, and we have a relationship just like the one Kyosuke and Kirino share now.

Quality siblings time

What Kyosuke does for his sister, like getting scolding from his father, getting  embarrassed in front of Ayase, all things are quite normal. Actually many brothers do that. Except when your brother is a nerd, geek, and baka like mine. Yet, he does some things for me that I didn’t expect.

And Kirino’s behavior, SHE IS JUST LIKE ME. I am completely serious. The way she troubles her brother, surpasses him by trying, all are alike. And her Tsundere personality as always!!!!

Actually there are many little sisters like her.

Haha, now who has not said that yet?

Now coming to the topic of sibling incest.

I personally am not at all against incest. Siblings incest is not a taboo in my view, nor disgusting. Just the consent is necessary.

Returning to Kyosuke/Kirino.


Kirino went to America in the true end, right? But not in the good end. So it means true end is a bad one? I hope the anime ends when she comes back after high school, learning the value of her brother. And Kyosuke becoming a genius like his sister, right?

I love this brother-sister duo.

But anyways, come what may, I LOVE it if they end up together. Though it is impossible, but I would have wanted that. Haha!!!

Sibling fights are fun as always!!!

Kuroneko(Ruri) is KAWAII as always!

Thanks for reading.


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