NaruHina’s EPIC COMEBACK! Romance in middle of the Battle-Field.

Hi! Its been a while, hasn’t it? Anyways, this time, I will try my best to suppress my inner-fangirl, & write a nice, critically analyzing  blog post, about the recent developments, regarding the canon status my OTPs!!! No fangirling, I promise.

I. My oldest OTP: Naruto & Hinata!

Getting back to Naruto after a while, it does seem that Kishi-sensei has been emphasizing on a certain pairing all this time. Keeping in mind the fact that Kishi-sensei is not so open, or so blunt about romance as Kubo-sensei; even seemingly insignificant titbits may help to know what is going on.

1. Sakura’s face is shown before-the-battle.

2. While she is preparing.

3. Before anyone attacks, Naruto arrives, and saves her and the fellow shinobis. Now. Getting to the point, can it really be seen as a NaruSaku moment?

4. Sakura is surprised.

5/6. Naruto didn’t pay attention to how she or Shizune is feeling, but when he sees them physically well, he runs off.

7. Why is Hinata being included in the “same page” as Naruto & Sakura?

8. Hinata is in mid-fight. Someone is already attacking her.

9. Naruto arrives in the nick of time. And the panel is given ALMOST A FULL PAGE.

10. Hinata’s expression given special importance. Her face highlighted two times, First the whole face, then the eyes.

Before moving further, lets compare these two incidents. 

In my view, the way, Naruto didn’t give any importance to the internal well being of Sakura, is similar to(please forgive me, but I have to have a Bleach Reference) how Ichigo didn’t give importance to Inoue, highlighted by Grimmjow below.

Ahem. Now, Ichigo never realized the danger Inoue could have been in or the “internal/mental” harm done to her. Why’s this? Same as Naruto? Both the boys, “care” about the girls, as a friend. Not as a “crush” or a “lover”. Hence, they can’t be that deep about their feelings.

And, again, we find that the panel of Naruto with Hinata is 1.5 times as big as that of with Sakura. Why is that? Is Hinata more important? Or is it that she is just in a more compromising situation? But, Naruto apologized for running late to his fiancee Hinata.The food for thought, is that, while Sakura isn’t given much screen time with Naruto, even on being the “SO CALLED” Heroine, & Naruto just had a two-lined conversation with her. What awaits for Naruto’s encounter with Hinata? Hehe… Now see this!!!

Another special thing to note, is that, while Naruto didn’t give any reassurance to Sakura, he has reassured Hinata. And its the second huge panel in which Naruto is saving Hinata.

Next chapter. (Now, while Sakura got less than a page with Naruto, Hinata is getting another chapter? *smug*)

Naruto asked, if Hinata is “ALRIGHT”. He already looked at her, and saw that she is unhurt, YET, my dear fellows, YET, Naruto asked Hinata if she is “ALRIGHT”(to see if she is really ok), unlike a little while ago, when Sakura was “presumed” to be unharmed. *smirk* And our Hinata is speechless at this PDA.

Another factor to note, is, while Kiba & Neji grew suspicious of Naruto, when they first saw him, while the first thing Hinata said was “Naruto-kun”, even though his Chakra Signature was different, so were his “looks” and so was the smell. Possible cross answers to this may be:

1. Hinata was being saved. Well, it may just have been the enemy trying to infiltrate them. And come on, recognizing a person who looks so different the moment he appears in front of you?

2. Hinata might not have paid attention to Chakra Signature. While it may be said that Hinata does not have a sense of smell as good as Kiba, she has a Byakugan, and as powerful as Neji, FROM THE MAIN HOUSE, FOR GOD’S SAKE! She is also a “CHUNIN”. It would have taken less than a moment to know that the Signature is different.

All that points out to one thing, Hinata is really close to Naruto, like Rukia is to Ichigo [Reference to Miss KawaiChappy].

But for the argument, that some think Naruto does not understand Hinata so well, the upcoming scans will gladly prove them wrong.

1. Now, Hinata clarifies that she recognized Naruto FIRST because of his eyes. Good Observation, girl. Then due to the fact that he came to their rescue [PANEL 2]. Now, on the basis of importance, it could be clearly noticed that Hinata impulsively supported Naruto. First, she gave an illogical explanation. Not completely illogical, but unless & until she meant that she noticed Naruto’s aura, it was as if the enemy couldn’t have transformed into having same eyes as Naruto. O.o But we all know she meant Naruto’s aura, & her sudden impulsive remark(retort) left Kiba & Shino amazed, as if she was OOC. But then, she said, in a way others could believe her, that Naruto helped them. Good going.

2. Now. Here is a titbit. Hinata felt really bad when Naruto had to come and protect her. She thought that she is really no good. Such humble words. *.* It was as if, she failed in her motive, that was to protect Naruto. Guess from whom we never got that remark? *cough* Sakura & Orihime (Again, a BR, but Orihime was NEVER disappointed at her uselessness, and she thinks really highly of herself, treating everyone as her personal bodyguard.)*cough* There. And Kishi-sensei was especially focusing on her thoughts and actions. Come on, even if she is a supporting character? [Kishi-sensei is not so expressive romantically, as Kubo-sensei is, if I may remind you. Sakura’s thoughts in such matters were never highlighted, especially for Naruto; while Kubo sensei highlighted both Rukia’s & Orihime’s thoughts]

3. Naruto instantly recognized that Hinata was sad over the fact that Naruto protected her, instead of vice-versa happening. Who the FUCK said Naruto didn’t understand Hinata? That guy is perfect boyfriend material knows the EXACT thing that was going on in Hinata’s mind! O.O It was TELEPATHY, DEAR. COMPLETE TELEPATHY. Hinata didn’t say a word, but Naruto knows it! 😀 Sort of like IchiRuki’s EYESMEX! Then he said, that Hinata already saved him twice. Now, when was that?

1. The Chunin Exam? ^_^ Such as awesome memory!

2. The Confession! 😀 😀 😀

Maybe its my long term memory loss, but its bugging me, I know that there have been some other such incidents, but I can’t remember them. Would you do so much as to leave them in the comments? Please! I would be really grateful.


1. So Naruto is reassuring Hinata! 😀 GOSH, its deja-vu, just like how Hinata reassures Naruto, or when Rukia reassures Ichigo!

“Its all in your eyes.”
The reply to Hinata’s previous comment on how she knew the guy who saved her was Naruto. Naruto said that he knows what is going on in her mind, through her eyes. Sorry for again bringing the IchiRuki reference, but “Eyes are the windows to the soul.” Even something like eyesmex of a few seconds can easily establish the closeness between two people. (Ichigo & Rukia’s before Ichigo left to battle Aizen,- In Hueco Mundo) And how easily they communicate, without the need of speaking!

“You are strong. “
There. Naruto acknowledges Hinata’s strength, realizes how much will power she has. It could have been easily interpreted as Naruto’s just stating the facts, but the earlier sentence made it much more deeper. He tells Hinata to stop thinking lowly of herself (God, this is Rukia’s Man in My Heart SPEECH!) & understand that she is strong. :3

Then Kishi-sensei reminded us of what Naruto is referring to. THE CONFESSION! HE DIDN’T FORGET IT! @#%^&^#%!!! He is not replying to it, and he is behaving perfectly normal with Hinata after that. But yet, we know its clearly etched in his mind. So what should we guess out of it? The simplest way out of this dilemma is that Naruto will be accepting it. He is not afraid to speak or say things to Hinata from while she may swoon or have Romantic Imaginations about. So, he approves of them? 😀 😀 Its not my fault. Kishi sensei wrote it! 😀

But then, Neji, Kiba & Shino are left speechless! Why? Of course they don’t want to intrude in the pillow talks.

When Naruto notices that Hinata is TRULY relaxed, & has regained her confidence, he rushes off to help Kakashi & Lee! Is this concern just a platonic? No. A platonic concern was there for Sakura. Not for Hinata.

Then, again, Kishi sensei, quite cunningly highlighted Hinata’s thoughts. “Thank you.”
Again reminding us the fact that Hinata is an awesome heroine!

On a side note, let me remind you of an important incident that I have discussed in my earlier post:  My Preferred Shounen Pairings

For some guys, who are too lazy to click on that link, I m quoting:

“Sakura has NO feelings for Naruto, to be frank. To make a point clear: Naruto is just a friend. Sakura’s FAKED confession in chapter 469 was rejected by Naruto. He didn’t respond in a positive way, and actually bashed Sakura altogether, because she was lying to herself. Kishi-sensei is trying to highlight two important points in the incident:

I) Naruto has not forgotten Hinata’s confession. Here is the proof!

(Courtesy to Mangafox and Binktopia)

Did you see Naruto’s expression? I m now gonna be a little bashful, so hang on tight. Naruto was telling Sakura that;

“Oh? You love me, right? Seriously? What kind of sick joke are you playing on me, Sakura-chan? Are you thinking that I’ll be taken by you even without CONSIDERING that Hinata was ready to die for me. How can I think that your FAKE confession can be matched up with Hinata’s endangering her life? No one ever did what Hinata did for me. I never met someone who cared about me so much and you are ready to take her away once again. How can I possibly believe that you had a change of heart?” 

Sakura said that a girl’s confession isn’t a small matter. ROFL! Doesn’t she support NaruHina herself? Naruto won’t be able to accept her confession even more now!

Sorry, Sakura, but I think you were a bit late. Hinata came first. If you had said it earlier, then there was a 0.044554% chance that Naruto actually believed in you.

Of course what I wrote now was in my own words. But you all have to agree that I wrote the truth. If you don’t then maybe you are blind enough to not see Naruto’s face. Ask from the bottom of your heart, ‘Is Anna-chan wrong?‘ No. I wrote what my heart told me.

II) The confession was also used to highlight that Sakura still has feelings for Sasuke. It was so obvious that even Naruto could see it! The chapters have proofed that NaruHina is winning. Naruto didn’t reply to Hinata’s confession(he didn’t get time) but then again, he REJECTED Sakura’s FAKE CONFESSION on the FACE. XD”

So. The latest chapter was the LAST nail on the coffin of NaruSaku, which was already created by the image above~! :3

Credits to the Scantalators and the various manga hosting sites. ARIGATOU!

My CRAZY FANGIRLNESS of IchiRuki, has found an outlet in BleachAsylum IchiRuki FC. Though now I won’t be posting those types of posts anymore here, you are welcome to check out my posts, & other’s; ScreenName: TensaiKuroneko. Also, I have to give my comments on the LATEST ED, because I think I have something important, which only few of us have noticed. ^_^

My views are, the lives of the Kurosaki family, the Urahara Shop workers, and especially Ichigo’s turned colorless due to Rukia’s absence. Isshin was never so sad & he never read wasted his time on Newspapers. Karin was also sad. Inoue was shown colored. Was this done to point out that she was the ONLY one who was not as affected by Rukia’s absence as others? Sadly, that lowers her position even more, in my mental scale of righteousness. But another point was, that though Orihime is trying to cheer Ichigo up, he IS NOT affected by her. Another crash on IchiHime? HAHAHA. Ichigo seems so sad, he just wants to cry!!! T,T Next Even Urahara & Yoruichi grew used to a less eventful life. Thanks to Hanatarou for first pointing out that, Rukia’s amazing feminine charm does attract people towards her. Bleach really becomes soul-less without her. So does, Ichigo.

We all want you back in the anime too, Rukia! 🙂

And everyone, I do hope this article was worth wasting so much of your precious time on. As you may have already noticed, I m a HUGE fan of Miss KawaiChappy, & idolize her essays. So, I tried to analyse the Naruto manga similar to her ways, & I hope it was a successful attempt. Do try & leave a comment. 

And to all the subscribers, I hope you liked it! T,T You guys are the few precious followers I don’t want to ever loose. And I will be posting a RikuoxTsurara’s latest developments in a week or two. Please keep patience!


Arigatou no Gozaimasu. 
Thanks for Reading! 

Tensai-Teki Kuroneko ( The Genius Black Cat)


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11 Responses to NaruHina’s EPIC COMEBACK! Romance in middle of the Battle-Field.

  1. Theslasher says:

    Nicely done!I especially loved the way u pinned down Sakura to the place she deserves.Her actions disgust me to the level that no one has ever tried to.The pairings I like in naruto are only two and they are narutoxsasuke and naruhina.I think all of the points are well explained and good way to use bleach reference too.Overall a very good post!

    • tensaitekikuroneko says:

      NaruSasu is a nice pairing, but I kinda hate Sasuke for his actions.XD

      ARIGATOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I m really happy that you commented.

  2. byron meir says:

    Going off topic,Orihime and Ichigo do have stronge bond,Ichigo relationship with Orihime is diffrent from Rukia.It same thing with Hinata,Why would Kishi or Kubo would bother to show their feeling for the main characters only to get their heartbroken.

    • tensaitekikuroneko says:

      Unfortunately, Sir, Ichigo & Orihime are not at all strongly bonded. Orihime just isn’t able to understand Ichigo, as shown in the Pre-Espada arc. She does not understand what Ichigo needs, while Rukia, who is very well bonded, does.. Unlike, Hinata who can easily, understand Naruto, very well shown in the the Chunin Exam arc. If, sir, you read the manga deeply enough, you may understand that, it is Sakura who is like Orihime. While Hinata is like Rukia, if taking in account their characters. Please read my post “My Preferred Shounen Pairings”. Though I have bashed Orihime, and Sakura, it does pretty much state the truth. Hope, no one comes back on this issue again, before reading my other post.

      And if you seriously want to understand Bleach. Please READ Miss KawaiChappy’s Essays. They are enough to enlighten anyone!

      As for the love interests shown. Its the reality of life. The reality of Unrequited love. Unfortunately, I do NOT qualify Orihime’s crush as love, which is a far more deep feeling. Its not your Disney fairytale. There have to be broken hearts, deaths and lots more. Thats the charm of Anime & Manga. I hope you are satisfied by my reply, Sir. If you are not, other arguments are also welcome.


      • urnightmare says:

        Anna, why do u bother explaining it in a polite manner? They bash rukia behind CLOSED doors and act all ”nicey-nicey” on other forums or blogs.
        Oi, byron meir, Ichigo and orihime is the worst of all pairings ever created on the life of this goddamn earth and I will tell u why. During Naruto’s battle with pein, Hinata sacrificed her life for Naruto INSPITE of being scared as hell and what did Orihime do in hueco mundo when Ichigo was LITERALLY DYING? oh yeah! She screamed his name ”help ME KUROSAKI-KUN” and incase u fail to notice, she said ”Help ME ME ME ME ME”. Wow! So much for her ”FIVE LIFETIMES ONE LOVE” . This girl didn’t even use her offensive fairy tsubaki to try and save her ”ONE LOVE” and instead cried to help HER when she was not in any kinda danger at all! If you still wanna say something like ”oh but what was she supposed to do and shit like that, rewind and u will notice that YOU OWN HEROINE SAID ”EVEN AT THE VERY END, WHY DID I CRY FOR KUROSAKI-KUN’S HELP? WHY?”.
        And as for your blind theory as to ”why kubo and kishi show hinata’s and orihime’s feelings if they are meant to broken”, I will say just one thing.
        Masashi Kishimoto is not Kubo tite
        Masashi kishimoto is not Kubo tite
        Masashi kishimoto is not Kubo tite
        Regardless of whether you agree with me or not, Kishimoto is very bad when it comes to developing relationships whereas Kubo tite’s strong point is his relationship and character development. When kishi tries his hand at relationships, the chapter lands at bottom and when kubo tries to do it, it lands in the top. But I will leave it at that and answer your question in a blunt manner.
        Kishi develops Hinata’s feelings which will eventually lead to naruto falling in love with her and Kubo develops Orihime’s feelings only to get ”REJECTED” by Ichigo albeit in a good manner. Orihime has already realized that her feelings will never get requited when she first felt jealous of rukia but she is still ”rejecting” this just like ICHIHIME FANS AND when the reality hits her hard, orihime will realize it and she will just cry for a few seconds and move on because, even though I’m not a fan of orihime, I know that she has a strong and calm personality to overcome it but ichihime fans will still stick onto it like lizards on a wall and keep on insisting that Ichigo will sooner or later know that Orihime is the one for him.
        Lol you should have realized that the ichihime (mutual ship) sank to the bottom of the dead sea when kubo drew that SUGGESTIVE ICHIRUKI HONEYMOON SPREAD, not to mention a million other spreads dedicated to them.
        So, yeah saying hinata is the same as orihime is like saying ” oh mah god a princess and a rat have the same level of royalty”

      • tensaitekikuroneko says:

        Gave a reply below! 😀

  3. urnightmare says:

    Oh and by rat and princess (if u still fail to understand that is), I mean hinata’s love for naruto is pure like a princess unlike orihime’s.

  4. tensaitekikuroneko says:

    Ur-Nightmare chan, thank you for your views. I m glad we have quite the same opinions about the matter.

    We all know the truth, but, isn’t it better to avoid calling a crocodile a ‘crocodile’, & to let it dream that it is a reindeer?

    Kishi isn’t Kubo-sensei, and he doesn’t depend upon relationships to move the storyline, & thats exactly why I like Bleach more. We can’t compare them at all. Kishi sensei’s “romantic” chapters are good, & he does the best he can, but somewhere on the line, the people don’t approve of this. I already said that, he can’t give Hinata much of the centre stage, and he regrets that. As for Kubo-sensei, he can evolve those relationships better. Different styles, I guess?

    As for Orihime, I never pay attention to her, and rather treat her as a “rat”; ignoring her. The ONLY good point I have noticed about her is that she understood and made peace with the fact that ICHIRUKI IS MEANT TO BE. She never tries to ruin their relationship or even try to make Ichigo pay attention to her, except when Ishida asks her to find things out. Thats one really positive aspect, in my view.

    Ichigo, who is still awing at Rukia’s beauty, strength, grace, will power, self-sacrificing, caring attitude, and what not, since last 4-5 years. Don’t tell me he still doesn’t harbor any “romantic”, thats right, “R-O-M-A-N-T-I-C” FEELINGS FOR HER. Fuck. As for Rukia not returning it, NO one can sacrifice their life to protect a 2-month-ago-made friend, or to risk their life EVERY SINGLE TIME they are in danger, or WAIT for them to share their feelings, or understand them so well, or what not. (I m confused, doesn’t Ichigo do the same things? They are so much alike, perfect COUPLE!) If someone argues that its her attitude, yes, it is. Rukia gives herself the LOWEST priority, but, SHE places ICHIGO ON THE TOP, then Byakuya, then Renji and others. That in no way affects her charm. And don’t take it in a way that: eg. if she has to save one of: Ichigo & Byakuya, she will save Ichigo. NO. Rather than letting one of them die, she WOULD SACRIFICE HERSELF. And thats exactly why I fell for her. Thus did every guy who came to know her.

    Yes, that SPREAD, with THAT WINE, & THOSE SEDUCTIVE EYES. I don’t know what to say after Kubo sensei’s comment that “To draw what I don’t like is SIN.” *rolls eyes*

    Sigh, I already addressed this Hinata/Orihime issue in my Preferred Shounen Pairings post. But I can’t help but comment on it again! xD

  5. Sunniva says:

    This was DAMN AWESOME. Not ONE NaruSaku fan can argue about this, cause this is true, and you really are a good observer. You pick out those small details, which nobody sees, and it makes so much sense what you have written. I take my hat off for you, I have never read anything like this about NaruHina.

  6. Batoul says:

    You stated A LOT of good points I love the way you explained it Nice Job!!!!!!!! – a NaruHina fan

  7. Truly a great post you really did your research haha and since I was a big NaruHina fan reading this makes me smile! I just hope they get together. if a girl of Hinata’s caliber was in my life and did that for me I would be in tears, I would beg her to marry me, and treat her right!

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