The White Moon glows again… Rukia is BACK!

You heard it right. Its Rukia. Rukia Kuchiki.

Ichigo’s Ray of Light.






Our dear protagonist. Our dear lieu— … (surprise is gonna come after the images!) OUR SWEET RUKIA.

Rukia, when she left for Soul Society MONTHS ago… she left an emptiness in the hearts of the whole Bleach fandom. But now, she’s back. The sad farewell, who could forget it?

The loving gaze;

The lovers thought they won’t meet each other ever again.
But What HAPPENED? RUKIA CAME BACK! After almost 2 yrs!!!!!! :3

First, see this! A pure white sword?  No one seems to be holding it too, as illustrated in the lower panel! No ways, its impossible!

The long awaited reunion takes place as follows:

Here’s what had happened:

Ginjou betrayed Ichigo, sadly… even I never thought he would do so. Ishida came to help Ichigo, but to no avail. Ultimately, when Ichigo was broken, & was in tears, he was stabbed right in the middle by a **hint** “pure white” sword, & he thought that even Isshin betrayed him…

Just who is holding that sword? Its someone you love dear. Its again highlighted that even Isshin & Urahara know how close (emotionally, mentally, lovingly, s— 😉 ) Ichigo & Rukia are… 

Astonished? Amazed? Surprised? Awed? Stupified? Owned? 
Wanna Hug Her, ICHIGO? 

Now, for Rukia’s analysis:

You know, right? Rukia is beautiful, in the true sense of the word. She seems to have a change of dress. She’s wearing gloves, and her sleeve is shorter. Her uniform is more stylish!!! A little more tomboyish Rukia… because she has cut her hair short!!! Being well seasoned with the shounen manga, I can easily conclude that this is a symbol for the girl characters who have matured, grown stronger & had a huge personality development, if they can have that, because Rukia is already perfect in my eyes! Though i would have preferred longer hair. She is feminine, & marvelously strong. I love that. 

Now for the badge, she has on her right shoulder. Its, yes, its a lieutenant’s badge. Judging from the looks of it, its of the 13th Squad. Also she is wearing the Kuchiki gloves!!! Sheesh! That means she has finally proved herself worthy of the Kuchiki name! WAY TO GO, RUKIA!

Now to the conclusion, in this short span of time(for the shinigami at least), Rukia has grown powerful, & matured enough to get Byakuya’s permission to become the Vice-Captain of the the 13th Gotei Squad, under Ukitake taichou. That means we can see her new fighting techniques!!! YAY!!! Rukia, achieve Bankai! I had already guessed that she would be more powerful, but more beautiful? Never thought so!

I can’t wait to see her being addressed as a “fuku-taichou”!!! Good GOD! She was going to be executed once. Now, I(& every single true Bleach fan) hope she becomes a captain even sooner! The partnership of Rukia & Ukitake!!! Kubo-sensei, you have stirred up my imagination to great heights!

Now for the awaited gaze. Guys, in all sanity, it never grows old! Here:

The old missed gaze!!! I M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I bet every single IchiRuki fangirl is!  Again, a WHOLE page is dedicated to this couple! Kubo-sensei seriously loves his daughter!

Remember the sword? Ichigo has finally regained his powers!!! XD

And as for his expression, Tatsuki said that Ichigo would cry whenever he lost, but he would stop crying the instant he saw his mother. Because she stopped the rain. Now, ITS RUKIA!!!

 Just to end it, Kubo-sensei gave us an amazing Ichigo sketch, as a shinigami!!!!


The Black Sun is finally out. The Eclipse is over. It has stopped raining. And guess who stopped the rain? Rukia.


So, guys! Hope you liked this post, because I loved writing this! Thanks to the author & the scantalators, of course!

BTW, Rukia is my favorite character!

Now that Rukia is back, even I can show my true colors & prepare for my exams happily!  Ichigo has regained his powers! I think i can finally change myself! Here is a gift for all of you! A wallpaper to celebrate Rukia’s return!

Please comment!

Thanks for reading!!!

Arigatou no Gozaimasu!

Tensai-Teki Kuroneko
The Genius Black Cat. 


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4 Responses to The White Moon glows again… Rukia is BACK!

  1. Nayrael says:

    Good to see you again Rukia 😀
    Ichigo sure needed some good stabbing 😀

    • tensaitekikuroneko says:

      You liked it? YAY! Thanks a lot! XD 😀

      P.S.- I m perfectly positive someone is cyber-stalking me. >.> (NOT serious)

  2. White Moon says:

    i think ichigo rukia love story will start

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