Tsurara X Rikuo – Nurarihyon No Mago (Hints by the author)

In this really short post, I m just posting a few pics, collected from here & there, from the manga, Nurarihyon no Mago by Hiroshi Shibashi sensei.

Here are some consecutive colored pages, from the manga:

The Hushed Snow falling heavily, set against the Brilliant Red of a man’s figure.

Snow and Ice may Scatter with the wind, but feelings continue to pile up.

So, Tsurara is on Rikuo’s LAP. Can things get more obvious?

One of the latest chapter covers;

Why would Shibashi sensei draw this, if not for the RxT??? ^^

 “Mysterious flower blooms in shadows”
Umbrella is the symbol of love in Japan.
With heart shaped cherry blossoms.
Even Kubo-sensei wasn’t soooo shippy~!!! 

The most teasing cover in Nayrael-san(& now my) opinion!!!
I almost forgot this, or I seriously didn’t know its significance… until Nayrael-san (VISIT THE MANGAFOX FORUMS TO KNOW HOW AWESOME HE IS) kindly reminded me & commented… 

Not a cover, but this says a lot…


Some DAMN CUTE pages;

“Leave that to that”; followed by an amazing but really obvious change of the subject.

It has long been noticed, the public favor of a couple within the manga itself does raise the chance of its happening. Its the writer’s way to gather attention towards his  intended couple. There were so many instances of it in the manga. Here is another…

An interesting fact;

First, Rikuo used to call Tsurara as “Yuki Onna”, as she didn’t name herself till around 4 yrs. later… But the most interesting thing is that Rikuo always calls her “Tsurara” since she kept kept her name, whether it be his yokai or his human form as highlighted above(and below & everywhere). :3 


Things like these…,
aren’t just for show, dear.

Popularity Polls:

(courtesy to Nurarihyon Wikia, links kept intact);


Ranking Character Votes
1 Rikuo Nura (yōkai) 2,562
2 Nurarihyon (past) 1,210
3 Yuki Onna (Tsurara Oikawa) 1,202


Ranking Character Votes
1 Rikuo Nura (yōkai) 3,231
2 Yuki Onna (Tsurara Oikawa) 2,165

 Our dear Tsurara chan sure is quite popular… beating even Nurarihyon, Rihan & the whole cast of the story!!!!!!

Funny Kawaii moments, as well as some serious ones:


So his concentration shifted from Tsurara to the whole Hakki Yakou!!!

Maybe the human form maybe didn’t understand it. But the YOUKAI one sure did.

PERSONALITIES DO MATTER. So, here are some glimpses of Tsurara’s personality.


Tough when she has to be.

Just included because this part greatly resembled how Nurarihyon saved Youhime… :3

Just included to show nearness. Sweet…

Alone on the Roof-top!!!

Ok…. I got your point of highlighting this very nicely, sensei.

If I was the author, I would never have written “TOO” without implying RxT!

Hard-working, cute and cheerful… what more can you want?

As for her lack of fighting skills, like Yura, she was not trained to fight… so of course she is not that skilled.

And as for her beauty due to being Yuki Onna, she is actually more beautiful than Reika, or cuter than Setsura, as stated by the manga. 

And her “jealousy“? Or should I say “over-protectiveness misunderstood for jealousy?”. I also said in my previous post, jealousy due to physical nearness can be over-looked. Its obvious, right? If I or even you were in that position, we would feel the same. But Tsurara is NOT jealous! So why am I saying this? For the stubborn people who still ( =.=”) believe otherwise! Its only emotional attachment that one should not be jealous of, and of which Tsurara isn’t, as much as I feel, she is the person most close to Rikuo, more than even Wakana.

Now, for some FINAL moments…




Say what you may, but I CANNOT classify this expression as something OTHER THAN love.

Pffftttt…… NOW I LOVE THIS!

Finally, I would say that Shibashi-sensei is wasting really too much ink on his creations; if he is not bend hinting RxT XD, so I was just trying to help him in his efforts… XD


Did you like it? I truly enjoyed writing this!!! XD Personally I think “Chasing Hearts” by Miwa is a cute song for Tsurara, with suitable voice and lyrics!!! And yeah, courtesy to mangafox, mangacurse and wikia, and the author himself!!!

Anyone  has not yet stalked the live-journal posts of another TsuraraxRikuo subordinate, Lone-wuffle -san  is welcome to see this AMAZING & CUTE FAN-FICTION, (the first one so genuine, after months of obsessions.): The Precariousness of Affection … 

And also, if you have not visited the DevianArt profile of KoNan03, GO TO THIS PAGE RIGHT NOW: Nurarihyon No Mago , because the artwork is SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL. *.*

And as for the reasons for my hiatus;
Well, Actually there is a big exam after two years, called IIT-JEE in my country. I need to get a good position in order to get into the top colleges in India. Its really tough, so I’ll be preparing for it in the NEXT 2 years. I’ll come back after that! I would be watching my regular anime series though, and reading manga as well! XD

Anyways, bye for now!!!

Thanks for reading.

Arigatou No Gozaimasu.

Tensai-Teki Kuroneko. 


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61 Responses to Tsurara X Rikuo – Nurarihyon No Mago (Hints by the author)

  1. LW says:

    Hi hi, the writer of that fic you loved and linked in your post here. =P

    Awesome awesome post; you really picked some of the best moments to showcase even though you missed a couple of covers and moments (but if you put them all you’d totally run out of space because there’s just so much for a “not-romance” story, ROFL).

    I liked your other post about the undeniable greatness of IchiRuki (I don’t read Naruto so I can’t comment on its pairings though).

    All in all, glad you liked my fic and props to you for your post. Long live Rikuo/Tsurara and IchiRuki!

    • tensaitekikuroneko says:

      Thanks a LOT for the compliment… XD
      Yups, I have loads of other pics in my archive, from such a “non-romance” story(It SHOULD be tagged as romance~!!!)… but then, I would run out of time, bandwidth, and space… as you mentioned… as for covers, yeah! There were so many, but those 2 colored ones, were just too straight-forward(that even a non-reader would understand), while some could be dismissed(by some idiots) as “just frnz” material… So, I just included the ones which gave a definite romantic expression.

      The fic deserves a huge applause! I have read so many of them, but none can capture the essence of the characters so well!!!

      IchiRuki and RxT are sometimes alike, the feelings and the bond is not easily identified, but you know its always there. Again, ARIGATOU NO GOZAIMASU!

      ICHIRUKI & RXT FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LW says:

        The one where Tsurara’s ON HIS LAP is sooo obvious especially. XD

        He he, thanks for the high praise. Oh, I forgot to put this in my earlier post but if you haven’t read this fic yet you should, because it’s beyond fabulous:

      • tensaitekikuroneko says:

        I READ IT. And was sweating at the end… O.O It was really intense, though I didn’t like that it wasn’t explained that Tsurara wasn’t running away… X_X I don’t know what to say… XD

  2. Nayrael says:

    Where is c83 cover? O_O

    IMO, thats one the most teasing of all the covers : umbrella (which symbolizes love in Japan), “Mysterious flower blooms in shadows” sentence and heart-like sakura petals… can’t be more teasing then that IMO ^_^;

    • Nayrael says:

      And of course: great summary there… I am pretty sure you caught almost every teasing scene 😀

    • tensaitekikuroneko says:

      Ohh yes, I included that now!!! ^_^ Thanks for the compliment too!

      First when I saw your comment, I was like wow, NAYRAEL COMMENTED?????? WOHOOOOW!!!!!!!!! (you see this is astroann from mf forums!)

  3. KoNan03 says:

    Thank you so much for spend your time for wrote this. Now I really, really really want to color every pages you’ve collected so far naaw! XD
    And the reason Tsurara’s on Rikuo’s lap is just too obvious, dear :love:

    The last one, I agree that Nayrael and lone_wullfe are Genius. 😆

    Okay, that’s for now. I’m too lazy to login here, so I’m not sure you can reply this comment. But in the other case, I have a deviantART account which I visit regularly, so if you had one too, feel free to comment on my profile! I will be glad.
    Oh yeah, there are some colored pages from this posting here : http://konan03.deviantart.com


  4. KoNan03 says:

    By the way, feel free to remove the double post. Bad internet connection, sorry :noes:

  5. KoNan03 says:

    She is. Tsurara is not just his subordinate, she is more than his friend :love:
    They said that she is his childhood friend, now says, Tsurara is on the main house even since he was born! 😆
    Just call me Nan for simple. Konan is too longlonglonglongLOLXD

    The anime made it reversed :noes:

    • tensaitekikuroneko says:

      Tsurara x Rikuo is made of loyalty, faith, need, honesty, & every single beautiful emotion, and comprising everything, love! :3

      Nan-chan, I think we are blessed to have such a wonderful pairing as a fandom! Tsurara x Rikuo forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shouts again*

  6. Suki90 says:

    I’m very proud of you! You posted a lot of things that help this beautiful pairing. This just confirm what we already thought: They are meant to be together.

    I would be very pissed up if Rikuo ends up with Kana ¬,¬.

    • tensaitekikuroneko says:

      Thanks for the kind comment, Suki-san! We both share the same feelings for the couple, ne? ^_^
      I wanted to sum up the points which could not be denied. And after reading comments like yours, I think I succeeded! 😀

      Sure, I would be pissed too, but there is NO CHANCE for that to happen. NONE. I thought of writing against Kana-idiot (I HATE HER MORE THAN SAKURA OR ORIHIME!) here, but then, MF forums seem enough for the task… XD

  7. yyyeeeaaahhhh go tsurara

  8. alizeLasse says:

    Hi 🙂 I really like this blog of yours and as you can see I’m also one of those people who is praying a lot to make sure rikuo and tsurara end up to.
    Thank you for making this exellent job and I’m really looking forward for your updates but I’m just confused with one thing. why is “skin as white as snow reached out to me..” considered to be romantically inferring though not directly to the two of them? I mean, it sounds fluffy I know, but it stills bugs me and the explanation is quite shallow. So if you mind, I want to learn the explanation about it. Thank you!

    • tensaitekikuroneko says:

      Thanks a lot for your kind words. I would be extremely busy for a few months now, so please excuse me. But I will make up for it whenever I get time. And maybe then, I would get time to write about recent developments in the manga.
      First of all, I am very happy that you actually read the post full, and asked about it. I truly appreciate it.

      So here goes the explanation. It may not be upto your tastes, but it satisfied me. So do reflect and point out my errors.

      Well, as this statement fully states, Rikuo was fighting with quite a strong fellow, & I am not sure how he would have the time to think about someone (for whom people argue that she isn’t that important.) he has “NO” feelings for(oblivious to love) while in such a tough position. No matter how I look at it, “Tsurara” fighting for Rikuo shouldn’t have such a huge effect, since the whole Nura clan is doing the same thing. But no, Rikuo was ESPECIALLY thinking about her!!! :3 (Ok… sorry for turning into a squealing fangirl)

      Then again, the line gave the message that Tsurara showed the way to Rikuo, and helped him out whenever he was in an ordeal. Being an IchiRuki fangirl, I HAD to link it to light. For me, this statement had the same message: “Tsurara(Rukia) is a ray of light for Rikuo(Ichigo).” as Bleach. I found it very poetic that “Hand White as Snow”(light) reached out to Rikuo. And it was of Tsurara. ^_^

      Was it lame? I don’t know! So please tell me if my reasons are not valid enough. Looking forward to your comments! Thanks again! 😀

      Tensai Teki Kuroneko

  9. Annechii says:

    may I know on what part of the manga that states about the bauty of tsurara??…arigatou gozaimasu!!~ *bows*

    • Annechii says:

      thats beauty..sorry for the spelling..>.<

    • tensaitekikuroneko says:

      It was mentioned somewhere. I think it was said by Itaku. ^^” Sorry. I forgot…

      • lightcrus says:

        ummm i think it was that man-woman dude from Tono. S/he was asking Rikuo if Tsurara was the beauty he was trying to save in Kyoto. The Tono group was a bit disappointed to know that it was Yura, but note that Rikuo only said he was saving a girl NOT a beauty. Those words came from man-woman dude when s/he saw how Rikuo and Tsurara reunited in Kyoto.

      • tensaitekikuroneko says:

        Yes, but it was mentioned, right? Thats what matters! 🙂


  10. tsuraraxrikou says:

    but there is something that confuses me its about that curse of which it says that the nura kind can’t have babies with other yokai including yuki onna and then the other thing is that setsura once said nomatter how much generations it takes i will have his lips and thats my point i get confused about if she’s going to end up with him or not!!! =]

    • tensaitekikuroneko says:

      Lets clear it up.

      The manga will only end when Hagoromo Gitsune’s son Nue is defeated. And if he’s defeated, then the curse will break itself.
      It was also said, that, Hagoromo placed the curse so that the Yokai blood dilutes more & more every generation. Rikuo is himself only a 1/4th yokai. If he mates with a human, the blood will dilute to 1/8th. i.e. 12.5%, almost a pure human. That will surely signify the end of the Nura clan. Which we, or Hiroshi sensei don’t want, do we?
      And, if he has to have a Yokai wife, who will be a better choice than Tsurara herself? ^^

      Setsura having said that, means(as much as I understood, just a speculation):
      Even if Nurarihyon, Rikuo’s grandfather choose Youhime for wife, Setsura didn’t give up. She said that all her further generations will do their best to have Nurarihyon’s descendants as lovers, including Setsura who will not give up on Nurarihyon.
      That pretty much more means that till a successor of Nurarihyon(most likely Rikuo) chooses Yuki Onna(most likely Tsurara) for wife, there will be more generations of Yuki Onna trying for Nura’s affection. As we know, it goes in Setsura’s family to eye for the Nura clan.
      This cycle keeps going on & on. Though, if even later generations of Nura fall for later generations of Yuki Onna(which is sure to happen), then the features of the Yuki Onna will dominate, rather than those of Nura clan(because it would have been diluted by the human blood). Which again means that “Nura”‘s Fear won’t have that quality. Which again, we don’t want.

      To sum up, RikuoxTsurara, NuraxYukiOnna. Its NOW OR NEVER.

      I do honestly think that these 2 points are much in support for RikuoxTsurara! ^_^

      Hope that answered your questions. If any further doubts, please don’t hesitate to ask. 😀

      Tensai Teki Kuroneko

  11. tsuraraxrikou says:

    thank you so much i would be REALLY sad if he din’t end up with tsurara so yeah i am SOOOO in support of RIKUOXTSURARA ❤ ^-^

  12. Syane says:

    Thank you for the lovely read; this is a wonderfully comprehensive collection of RxT moments. I’m new to the NnM fandom (well, a week old). After reading 183 chapters of this manga, I believe the author has been building up Tsurara’s character with every arc. Tsurara’s character-building moments invariably have Rikuo in them, so its too easy to view them as a pair – they care for each other, share a very strong bond, work very well together as partners (and look extremely good together).

    The only peeve I have with the manga is chapter 184 which sounds like Tsurara acknowledges Kana as Rikuo’s most precious person, as his “place to return to”, essentially his home. On what does she base this conclusion? Certainly she might be privy to behind-the-scenes moments, but after reading all 184 chapters over a week, I’m stumped. There is very little Rikuo-Kana interaction beyond what is between childhood friends, except for the birthday chapter, and even dat was mild compared to chapter 174. I s’pose we can take this as a shipping tease from Shiibashi Sensei, but having Tsurara declare that she will get the guy after Kana is out of the picture just feels so WRONG. If this scene had come after Shiibashi Sensei developed the Rikuo x Kana angle it might have been more believable (though unwelcome from a shipper pov), but now it strikes a discordant note.

    NnM is a preteen shonen manga so I understand that romance may not be a part of the storyline. But Shiibashi Sensei does a very good job fleshing out his characters; the Nuraihyon-Youhime, Rihan-Yamabuki, and Rihan-Wakana romances were brief, poignant sketches of love that were all the more beautiful for their brevity. I hope Sensei does not neglect the romance aspect of the story at the end of the manga.

    Um… sorry about the long rant about chapter 184. I agree with all your arguments in this post and just love the flow of your arguments, all backed up with manga evidence. Good luck with your IIT exams and have a wonderful rocking New Year!


    • tensaitekikuroneko says:

      Thank you for the compliments. :3 I really really appreciate it. 😀

      If you say chapter 184, it certainly puzzled me a little. Though, I wanted to write a blog over it when I get time, I don’t think it would be possible in near future. ^^”
      So, here goes the reply, or rather, I m just sharing my opinion. 😀

      Tsurara, no doubt about it, “loves” Rikuo, the way he is, in his human or yokai form. Kana, on the other hand, thinks of him as her “property”, and as it is obvious, she “likes” his YOKAI form. The difference that makes all the difference. The RxK fandom would believe, “the place to return to” is his home, most likely the indication of Kana being a future wife. I can’t disagree to that, though I feel it was a misleading tease. Humans are precious to Rikuo, but, his mother and his “childhood” friend Kana are really special. “Rikuo promised her that he will help her whenever she is in trouble.” And, he sort-of likes her.

      People like Tsurara(or Rukia or Hinata) don’t put themselves in a better position. They are the self sacrificing type, and they always always ALWAYS view others in a brighter light, if you understand what I mean; in other words, they underestimate their value and position. (Isn’t that the reason why we love them?)
      So, even with all romantic interactions that happened with her, she still views the mirror and Rikuo’s care for Kana more obvious. I think this is the reason. When I personally read the latest chapter, I felt puzzled, thought if she was really seeing something I wasn’t. Then, I re-read this blog myself, and felt that no, after all this, it is impossible. Hence this conclusion. (And the stupid non-cheesy future-fic I m currently forming for my satisfaction in my mind)

      And “getting the guy” part, you are misunderstanding things. Thats natural, though, since grasping so mush info in a week, is quite difficult, even for Shiibashi sensei himself. You see, Tsurara is Rikuo’s most loyal servant. She is the closest female to Rikuo. So, she isn’t talking about getting the guy. She is talking about being closer to him. Since, Kana will die in around 70 yrs, even after that, Tsurara has the privilege of being closest to Rikuo. xD She will be the closest person to him, like she is now, forever and forever.

      Then again, this is, what I believe, a part of beautifying Tsurara’s character, and showing her maturity. Even though Rikuo’s affections lie somewhere else(WHICH THEY DON’T, and blog being the proof of it), she is happy being close to him and seeing him happy. Isn’t this what true love is?
      And, an attempt to improve Kana’s character. Since, sensei may be getting 1000s of hate mails about Kana! xD

      It seems you have read my comment replies too! xD For further arguments, you replies to this comment is always welcome! And if you want to add me, I m @TensaiTKuroneko on twitter. 😀

      Thank you, very very very much Syane-san! I needed that! ^^”

      And a very very very Happy New Year to you too~! 😀


  13. I love all ur post. thanks a lot. I was really hoping for a rikuoXtsurara moments and then i saw this….I’m so happy. I wish they would really end up together.

  14. Rex says:

    @About chap 184

    I think Tsurara’s thoughts are not just the result of events of present chapter but the whole HM arc. She already knows Rikuo likes to be with humans and that Kana-chan is his childhood friend. In HM you need to look into three interactions between Rikuo and Kana to understand Tsurara’s POV-
    1> When Rikuo transforms to save Kana. Tsuara is watching how he is comforting Kana.
    2> When Kana expresses her confusion upon discovering Rikuo’s identity.
    3> Back at the main house when Kana is joyous, like everyone else, after Rikuo puts an end to the rampaging Sanmoto.
    All three situations establish that Kana is precious to Rikuo and that she, herself is willing to understand as well as accept him as he his. She is bothered by Kana’s care for Rikuo. And the familiar way in which Rikuo addresses her.
    Now, IMO she is a little dense about these things or may be too innocent. Which leads her to conclude that Kana is the one Rikuo needs. Without even taking into consideration Rikuo’s feelings, she is sure that this is what will make him happy. As always, she is just putting Rikuo’s happiness over her and trying to come to terms with a situation, she believes is true.

    Of course, your post proves that her assumptions are totally wrong.

    • tensaitekikuroneko says:

      Well there, thats a really great explanation!!! 😀 (*sigh* I wish i could blog more about the events in detail, but this damn Indian Education system is pissing me off…. ARGGGGHHHHHH… er…. Sorry, so where we were…)

      One conclusion from my side: “Tsurara, DEAR, you are AWESOME.”

      Though, to say the truth, its Kana chan who is behaving like a shy fangirl. >(

      For people who like RxK, its a good sign for them, since like IchiHimes, they will apparently think that now Tsurara is a RxK shipper; and for us RxT people, its again a PROOF of how Tsurara’s “love” differs from Kana’s “infatuation”. Depends on you maturity, ne?

      Kana is precious, no doubt, but Kana would NEVER try to understand Rikuo in the way Tsurara wants to do, and does. Kana’s care, er…….. was it really care? *tending to dismiss her as an annoying fangirl xP* Tsurara would be more bothered by Rikuo’s care, ne? 😛

      XD RxT all the way~!
      Sorry for this incoherent comment, I just released my inner Shippyness!


      • Rex says:

        Thanks. And i know JEE preps are really tough. ATB
        Yup, Tsurara is simply awesome. And i am sure Rikuo will eventually return her honest and sincere feelings.
        IMO Tsurara isn’t RXK shipper. The chapter shows that she is maturing well with the plot.

        Well, Kana can really never compare to Tsurara in terms of care and understanding. TBH i find her feelings really shallow, especially if you contrast them against Tsurara’s.

        Also i think you also include this page http://www.mangafox.com/manga/nurarihyon_no_mago/c115/18.html

        Rikuo’s expression there is just priceless.

  15. Nayrael says:

    @about c184: Just clear something up: what Tsurara said to Kana is NOT of romantic nature. In Japan, it is a common courtesy that, when someone close to you makes a good friend, that you ask that friend to “Take care of him” or “In that social group, be there for him” (I myself have seen this in a few works of Japanese fiction already, tough it is usually the parent or sibling who says it). Naturally, since it is Japanese thing it takes completely another meaning when you translate it (and just for teh record, the translator herself confirmed that it is not a romantic gesture).

    In other words, what Tsurara said to Kana means “In the group called humanity, please be a friend Rikuo will always be able to depend upon.” It is something closely connected to very context of the arc which is about Rikuo’s relationship with humanity. Tsurara has complete trust that Kana will always be a friend in Rikuo’s human life, no matter what happens or what the rest of the world believes. Tsurara saw that Kana trusts Rikuo no matter what the rest of the world or info says and that Kana happily spreads the “Rikuo is a good guy” belief to other humans. Tsurara believes that as long as Kana is there, Rikuo will be able to lead his human life as Kana will always be his friend amongst humans and will give her best to make other humans accept Rikuo as well. Tsurara, who also values Rikuo’s human life (but is herself part of his Youkai life), respects Kana for this.
    Personally, I find this message beautiful and it is a shame that people only look at it through teh eyes of a shipper.

    The monologue after tough was likely something closer to shipping. She is not saying that she will wait for Kana to die (how do people on the Internet even come up with this? To beign with, Kana will be alive after 50 years pass…). She says that 50 years later, 100 years later… as well as now… Tsurara will be the one Rikuo will keep closest to him (the “now” part is also shown in the picture itself).

    • tensaitekikuroneko says:

      Thank you for your VALUABLE input, Nayrael san. Thank you very much, since I didn’t get the time to do such in depth research on it. And, your Japanese correlations sure help.

      Eyes of a shipper, I have got RIGHT HERE. And I’ll translate the message as I wish. Thank you. Internet contains a variety of people. If I wish to think it in that way, I will, so will everyone else who have not been blessed with such innate maturity as you.

      And, it is a beautiful message, truly wonderful, and I don’t believe that my translating the message in such a shippy way will destroy its alluring elegance. Its just another way of seeing the message over which you seem have a different perspective. It isn’t something that “you” need to shame upon.

      I know I am human, and I make mistakes. I know I am just 16, so I m gonna be all childishly fangirly over the matter. So, until I mature, bear it.
      Inflammatory criticism is HIGHLY discouraged. And, I do think it would be better if you learn to be more polite with people you barely know.


      • Nayrael says:

        Sorry if I sounded insulting, I really did not intend to ^_^; (my writing style is like that: I am a bit too direct I guess and it is easy to be taken the wrong way… maybe it is the Culture Shock :/ Well, happened many times and I don’t doubt it will continue happening many more times)

        What I meant is that sometimes people jump at conclusions (me included of course, there is nobody who doesn’t do it) and I just advised to look at it from another angle as well. Maybe I could have worded it better, but what is done is done. However I definitely should have mentioned that it was not directed at you tough, but on some people I saw around the Internet ^_^; (and this chapter sure did create quite some drama in some people…)

      • tensaitekikuroneko says:

        Well… I guess I overreacted. To be frank, “direct” wasn’t the problem, the problem was to completely disqualifying someone’s opinions.

        I m sure it would have created a huge chaos in MF forums, and in other sites I don’t usually visit.

        Thank you for clarifying the fact that it wasn’t meant directly for me, since I did take it that way. Though, I STILL feel that the 50 yrs note was meant for me.


    • Rex says:

      Thanks for clearing that up. Intended meanings do get lost between translations.

      It gave me the impression that Tsurara is prepared for decisions that Rikuo will take in his future and she is going to support him anyway. That it’s more than enough for her to be his trusted aide. I do think that she misunderstands that Rikuo is interested in Kana romantically.

  16. Suki90 says:

    @Nayrael: Nayrael-sama, I totally agree with you.

    Those words were not the “I’m giving up, you can have him” thing that people on internet believe. With those words, Shiibashi showed how mature Tsurara is now, even if she’s still being a little bit innocent to her age. She trust that Kana will always be Rikuo’s friend, and that she will help him whenever he need it because as she’s a youkai she can’t do anything in the Human world, but she’ll do it in the youkai world all the times he need it.

    Tsurara, my Ice Maiden, you’re an awesome character *A*

    • tensaitekikuroneko says:

      Ok. Even if I don’t possess the ability to explain things as well as you two do, I did mean every word guys have written. Er…… just a personal request. Can you tell me if I have written something else in my reply to Syane? Please!!!! I don’t want people to get the wrong Idea! Thank you, Suki chan!



    hi its me again i commented long time ago and i i’m just getting a little frustraded (misspelled i know) i mean like kana is a appearing a lot in the manga recently doesn’t that kind of mean that the author is trying to get kana to be more like into the story so she can end up with rikuo =(

  18. Sherlock says:

    Great post, I completely agree on what you explained! And I love Tsurara and Rikou pairing!

  19. lightcrus says:

    Public favor… you should really include the one in chapter 197 between Tsurara and Wakana. SOo cute! Zen was funny to

  20. miyo says:

    uhmm..can you tell me the chapter where tsurara was shot?

  21. Imo Gall says:

    i agree,when it comes to tsurara and rikuo,that pair ix the best

  22. iqbalzzz says:

    TSURARAXRIKUO!!!! Yaaaaaaayy!! I wish they would really end up together.. :3

  23. Isabel says:

    So nice!!! I really love Rikuo and Tsurara! I completely agree!!!

  24. asdfghjkl; says:

    Can someone explain chapter 174? Rikuo’s reaction was a bit… ambiguous.

  25. kat says:

    rikou also carries kana down the stairs early on
    In the beginning, I think it was intended for Rikou to end up with Kana
    Because as the story went on, it leaned toward Tsurara

    Lets think about it, what did Youhime know about the youkai world?
    More than Kana, but little compared to Tsurara’s mom
    It could have gone either way

    I am a rikou x tsurara fan, but the emotional/ romance side has been poorly developed
    I would have liked to see more of each character’s inner thoughts, especially rikou’s

  26. Mnia says:

    OMG the omake is my favorite!!! Look at the last omake!

  27. Luella says:

    I need to to thank you for this great read!! I absolutely loved every little bit of it.
    I have got you bookmarked to check out new things you post…

  28. Renee Chiam says:

    OMG this is awesome!! This is the heaven website! The truth is, I ship RxT a lot and I absolutely HATE HATE rikuo and kana..heh heh heh.. But anyways awesome!!

  29. gradon says:

    It’s awesome to go to see this website and reading the views of all friends about this article,
    while I am also zealous of getting know-how.

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