Gosick is an awesome sauce manga by Kazuki Sakuraba, published by Fujimi Shobo.

It was recently made into an anime by Bones Inc.!

And, I LOVED IT!!! Bones has never disappointed me, since Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and GOSICK no less~!

Settings: I St. Marguerite Academy at the base of Alps in a small European Country of Sauville.

Gosick revolves around:

1.Kujo Kazuya( or “The Dark Shinigami”), third son of a Japanese Imperial soldier(seems to be proud of that) who has lived in the shadow of his two high-achieving elder brothers, and wishes to overcome that.

Over the series, he develops feelings for Victorique, protecting her in near death situations! He also spends quite some time with her.

He even asks the Village Elder of Seyrun, when he spoke as an Oracle, that if he will be able to stay with Victorique forever and was disappointed by his answer!!

One interesting thing to note about Kujo-kun is that he seems to have a fetish for girls! In every situation, he seems to involve a girl, like Cecile, the noble’s daughter, the motorcyclist’s Assassin, or Queen Berry’s creator, or Elder Theodore’s actual assassin, or (how can we forget?) Avril Bradley! Thats so interesting! And of course Victorique!!! ^^

He also has a sister who sent a kimono for Victorique!


2. Victorique De Blois( or “The Golden Fairy”), a brilliant genius, but an illegitimate(or not?) child of the Blios family. She has had a hard childhood, and remains in the Library all the time. She has a brother, Grevil with a drilling hairstyle(demanded by her for solving a case), who does not even consider her as a sister, but cares about her(I think so!).

Being the descendant of the Gray Wolves, she is intelligent and has her ‘wellspring of wisdom” which is shown as she reconstructs the chaos.

She is a TSUNDERE!!! Again, one of my favorites! She doesn’t show that she like Kujo’s sister’s gift, but look at her singing “Kujo-kun gave me a kimono! Kiiimonooo”:

She also develops feelings for Kujo-kun, and cares about him a lot though she doesn’t show it due to her tsundere character. ^KAWAII^

Almost in tears, after she asked the Oracle same question as Kujo-kun!

She always seems to have a pipe, while she is thinking! Though she has no smoke though.

She is cute when she has a cold!

As a child, one of her pics:


Why I like GOSICK?

1. It has an awesome plot, with mystery, and thrills…

2. Awesome and well-developed Characters.

3. Good background, not all lovey-dovey too.

4. Tsundere VICTORIQUE!

5. I like all anime/manga that show that life is not at all easy. That somehow portrays the       reality…


Who is Brain Roscou(the magician) and why did he leave a pic of Victorique and Cordelia at Seyrun? Who was that standing with him watching Victorique and Kujo? Was she Cordelia? Is he good or bad? Why did he tell his men to handle the box carefully as a young lady has caught a cold today(was he referring to Cordelia or Victorique)?

I need those answers as fast as possible!!! I keep following the series till it ends! Its hard to spot such an epic series these days!!! See ya later!!!

On an ending note: You  may say why I didn’t include it in a wiki. Its because this has a personal touch.

P.S. See the following manga series at Mangafox: Iris Zero, Melo Holic, Black Wind, Shi Ni Itaru Yamai and  Dr. Frost. I m sure you’ll love them.

But you will love IRIS ZERO the most!

Anyways, Bye for now!

Thank you for reading!

Arigatou no Gozaimasu!






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One Response to GOSICK

  1. Robert Tene says:

    Great post! I’m not really into detective stories but this one really got me. Everything about it is so nice. Especially Victorique!

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