NaruHina’s EPIC COMEBACK! Romance in middle of the Battle-Field.

Hi! Its been a while, hasn’t it? Anyways, this time, I will try my best to suppress my inner-fangirl, & write a nice, critically analyzing  blog post, about the recent developments, regarding the canon status my OTPs!!! No fangirling, I promise.

I. My oldest OTP: Naruto & Hinata!

Getting back to Naruto after a while, it does seem that Kishi-sensei has been emphasizing on a certain pairing all this time. Keeping in mind the fact that Kishi-sensei is not so open, or so blunt about romance as Kubo-sensei; even seemingly insignificant titbits may help to know what is going on.

1. Sakura’s face is shown before-the-battle.

2. While she is preparing.

3. Before anyone attacks, Naruto arrives, and saves her and the fellow shinobis. Now. Getting to the point, can it really be seen as a NaruSaku moment?

4. Sakura is surprised.

5/6. Naruto didn’t pay attention to how she or Shizune is feeling, but when he sees them physically well, he runs off.

7. Why is Hinata being included in the “same page” as Naruto & Sakura?

8. Hinata is in mid-fight. Someone is already attacking her.

9. Naruto arrives in the nick of time. And the panel is given ALMOST A FULL PAGE.

10. Hinata’s expression given special importance. Her face highlighted two times, First the whole face, then the eyes.

Before moving further, lets compare these two incidents. 

In my view, the way, Naruto didn’t give any importance to the internal well being of Sakura, is similar to(please forgive me, but I have to have a Bleach Reference) how Ichigo didn’t give importance to Inoue, highlighted by Grimmjow below.

Ahem. Now, Ichigo never realized the danger Inoue could have been in or the “internal/mental” harm done to her. Why’s this? Same as Naruto? Both the boys, “care” about the girls, as a friend. Not as a “crush” or a “lover”. Hence, they can’t be that deep about their feelings.

And, again, we find that the panel of Naruto with Hinata is 1.5 times as big as that of with Sakura. Why is that? Is Hinata more important? Or is it that she is just in a more compromising situation? But, Naruto apologized for running late to his fiancee Hinata.The food for thought, is that, while Sakura isn’t given much screen time with Naruto, even on being the “SO CALLED” Heroine, & Naruto just had a two-lined conversation with her. What awaits for Naruto’s encounter with Hinata? Hehe… Now see this!!!

Another special thing to note, is that, while Naruto didn’t give any reassurance to Sakura, he has reassured Hinata. And its the second huge panel in which Naruto is saving Hinata.

Next chapter. (Now, while Sakura got less than a page with Naruto, Hinata is getting another chapter? *smug*)

Naruto asked, if Hinata is “ALRIGHT”. He already looked at her, and saw that she is unhurt, YET, my dear fellows, YET, Naruto asked Hinata if she is “ALRIGHT”(to see if she is really ok), unlike a little while ago, when Sakura was “presumed” to be unharmed. *smirk* And our Hinata is speechless at this PDA.

Another factor to note, is, while Kiba & Neji grew suspicious of Naruto, when they first saw him, while the first thing Hinata said was “Naruto-kun”, even though his Chakra Signature was different, so were his “looks” and so was the smell. Possible cross answers to this may be:

1. Hinata was being saved. Well, it may just have been the enemy trying to infiltrate them. And come on, recognizing a person who looks so different the moment he appears in front of you?

2. Hinata might not have paid attention to Chakra Signature. While it may be said that Hinata does not have a sense of smell as good as Kiba, she has a Byakugan, and as powerful as Neji, FROM THE MAIN HOUSE, FOR GOD’S SAKE! She is also a “CHUNIN”. It would have taken less than a moment to know that the Signature is different.

All that points out to one thing, Hinata is really close to Naruto, like Rukia is to Ichigo [Reference to Miss KawaiChappy].

But for the argument, that some think Naruto does not understand Hinata so well, the upcoming scans will gladly prove them wrong.

1. Now, Hinata clarifies that she recognized Naruto FIRST because of his eyes. Good Observation, girl. Then due to the fact that he came to their rescue [PANEL 2]. Now, on the basis of importance, it could be clearly noticed that Hinata impulsively supported Naruto. First, she gave an illogical explanation. Not completely illogical, but unless & until she meant that she noticed Naruto’s aura, it was as if the enemy couldn’t have transformed into having same eyes as Naruto. O.o But we all know she meant Naruto’s aura, & her sudden impulsive remark(retort) left Kiba & Shino amazed, as if she was OOC. But then, she said, in a way others could believe her, that Naruto helped them. Good going.

2. Now. Here is a titbit. Hinata felt really bad when Naruto had to come and protect her. She thought that she is really no good. Such humble words. *.* It was as if, she failed in her motive, that was to protect Naruto. Guess from whom we never got that remark? *cough* Sakura & Orihime (Again, a BR, but Orihime was NEVER disappointed at her uselessness, and she thinks really highly of herself, treating everyone as her personal bodyguard.)*cough* There. And Kishi-sensei was especially focusing on her thoughts and actions. Come on, even if she is a supporting character? [Kishi-sensei is not so expressive romantically, as Kubo-sensei is, if I may remind you. Sakura’s thoughts in such matters were never highlighted, especially for Naruto; while Kubo sensei highlighted both Rukia’s & Orihime’s thoughts]

3. Naruto instantly recognized that Hinata was sad over the fact that Naruto protected her, instead of vice-versa happening. Who the FUCK said Naruto didn’t understand Hinata? That guy is perfect boyfriend material knows the EXACT thing that was going on in Hinata’s mind! O.O It was TELEPATHY, DEAR. COMPLETE TELEPATHY. Hinata didn’t say a word, but Naruto knows it! 😀 Sort of like IchiRuki’s EYESMEX! Then he said, that Hinata already saved him twice. Now, when was that?

1. The Chunin Exam? ^_^ Such as awesome memory!

2. The Confession! 😀 😀 😀

Maybe its my long term memory loss, but its bugging me, I know that there have been some other such incidents, but I can’t remember them. Would you do so much as to leave them in the comments? Please! I would be really grateful.


1. So Naruto is reassuring Hinata! 😀 GOSH, its deja-vu, just like how Hinata reassures Naruto, or when Rukia reassures Ichigo!

“Its all in your eyes.”
The reply to Hinata’s previous comment on how she knew the guy who saved her was Naruto. Naruto said that he knows what is going on in her mind, through her eyes. Sorry for again bringing the IchiRuki reference, but “Eyes are the windows to the soul.” Even something like eyesmex of a few seconds can easily establish the closeness between two people. (Ichigo & Rukia’s before Ichigo left to battle Aizen,- In Hueco Mundo) And how easily they communicate, without the need of speaking!

“You are strong. “
There. Naruto acknowledges Hinata’s strength, realizes how much will power she has. It could have been easily interpreted as Naruto’s just stating the facts, but the earlier sentence made it much more deeper. He tells Hinata to stop thinking lowly of herself (God, this is Rukia’s Man in My Heart SPEECH!) & understand that she is strong. :3

Then Kishi-sensei reminded us of what Naruto is referring to. THE CONFESSION! HE DIDN’T FORGET IT! @#%^&^#%!!! He is not replying to it, and he is behaving perfectly normal with Hinata after that. But yet, we know its clearly etched in his mind. So what should we guess out of it? The simplest way out of this dilemma is that Naruto will be accepting it. He is not afraid to speak or say things to Hinata from while she may swoon or have Romantic Imaginations about. So, he approves of them? 😀 😀 Its not my fault. Kishi sensei wrote it! 😀

But then, Neji, Kiba & Shino are left speechless! Why? Of course they don’t want to intrude in the pillow talks.

When Naruto notices that Hinata is TRULY relaxed, & has regained her confidence, he rushes off to help Kakashi & Lee! Is this concern just a platonic? No. A platonic concern was there for Sakura. Not for Hinata.

Then, again, Kishi sensei, quite cunningly highlighted Hinata’s thoughts. “Thank you.”
Again reminding us the fact that Hinata is an awesome heroine!

On a side note, let me remind you of an important incident that I have discussed in my earlier post:  My Preferred Shounen Pairings

For some guys, who are too lazy to click on that link, I m quoting:

“Sakura has NO feelings for Naruto, to be frank. To make a point clear: Naruto is just a friend. Sakura’s FAKED confession in chapter 469 was rejected by Naruto. He didn’t respond in a positive way, and actually bashed Sakura altogether, because she was lying to herself. Kishi-sensei is trying to highlight two important points in the incident:

I) Naruto has not forgotten Hinata’s confession. Here is the proof!

(Courtesy to Mangafox and Binktopia)

Did you see Naruto’s expression? I m now gonna be a little bashful, so hang on tight. Naruto was telling Sakura that;

“Oh? You love me, right? Seriously? What kind of sick joke are you playing on me, Sakura-chan? Are you thinking that I’ll be taken by you even without CONSIDERING that Hinata was ready to die for me. How can I think that your FAKE confession can be matched up with Hinata’s endangering her life? No one ever did what Hinata did for me. I never met someone who cared about me so much and you are ready to take her away once again. How can I possibly believe that you had a change of heart?” 

Sakura said that a girl’s confession isn’t a small matter. ROFL! Doesn’t she support NaruHina herself? Naruto won’t be able to accept her confession even more now!

Sorry, Sakura, but I think you were a bit late. Hinata came first. If you had said it earlier, then there was a 0.044554% chance that Naruto actually believed in you.

Of course what I wrote now was in my own words. But you all have to agree that I wrote the truth. If you don’t then maybe you are blind enough to not see Naruto’s face. Ask from the bottom of your heart, ‘Is Anna-chan wrong?‘ No. I wrote what my heart told me.

II) The confession was also used to highlight that Sakura still has feelings for Sasuke. It was so obvious that even Naruto could see it! The chapters have proofed that NaruHina is winning. Naruto didn’t reply to Hinata’s confession(he didn’t get time) but then again, he REJECTED Sakura’s FAKE CONFESSION on the FACE. XD”

So. The latest chapter was the LAST nail on the coffin of NaruSaku, which was already created by the image above~! :3

Credits to the Scantalators and the various manga hosting sites. ARIGATOU!

My CRAZY FANGIRLNESS of IchiRuki, has found an outlet in BleachAsylum IchiRuki FC. Though now I won’t be posting those types of posts anymore here, you are welcome to check out my posts, & other’s; ScreenName: TensaiKuroneko. Also, I have to give my comments on the LATEST ED, because I think I have something important, which only few of us have noticed. ^_^

My views are, the lives of the Kurosaki family, the Urahara Shop workers, and especially Ichigo’s turned colorless due to Rukia’s absence. Isshin was never so sad & he never read wasted his time on Newspapers. Karin was also sad. Inoue was shown colored. Was this done to point out that she was the ONLY one who was not as affected by Rukia’s absence as others? Sadly, that lowers her position even more, in my mental scale of righteousness. But another point was, that though Orihime is trying to cheer Ichigo up, he IS NOT affected by her. Another crash on IchiHime? HAHAHA. Ichigo seems so sad, he just wants to cry!!! T,T Next Even Urahara & Yoruichi grew used to a less eventful life. Thanks to Hanatarou for first pointing out that, Rukia’s amazing feminine charm does attract people towards her. Bleach really becomes soul-less without her. So does, Ichigo.

We all want you back in the anime too, Rukia! 🙂

And everyone, I do hope this article was worth wasting so much of your precious time on. As you may have already noticed, I m a HUGE fan of Miss KawaiChappy, & idolize her essays. So, I tried to analyse the Naruto manga similar to her ways, & I hope it was a successful attempt. Do try & leave a comment. 

And to all the subscribers, I hope you liked it! T,T You guys are the few precious followers I don’t want to ever loose. And I will be posting a RikuoxTsurara’s latest developments in a week or two. Please keep patience!


Arigatou no Gozaimasu. 
Thanks for Reading! 

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How the White Moon drives the RAIN away from the Black Sun? Rukia consoles Ichigo!!!

GOOD NEWS!!! BLEACH Chapter 460 is finally out, after 2 weeks of DREADED BREAK!!!

WARNING: A major part of this post contains mindless RANTING, which I wrote to ease my mind & release my excitement!!! NO BAD COMMENTS ABOUT IT!


SO lets begin!!!

Why SOOOOO HAPPY SWEET ICHIGO??? I never saw this in 2 yrs~! There is Doppler effect, but this is Rukia Effect?

Why? Because they are BONDS OF LOVE!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
When Bleach started, it was IchiRuki, 10 yrs later?
ICHIRUKI!!! XD (copied off a tweet)

Why so soft~? Oh, new sub-effect added to Rukia effect, I see!!!

“Its been a while.”
2 damn YEARS!
Thats what a normal person would say.
But our Ichigo is only looking at (his)Rukia. Speechless.

WOW! Its the height of love~! 

 To say the truth, Ichigo looks AMAZING HERE!



That is justified. She comes to see him after 2 yrs, and THAT GUY IS CRYING LIKE A SISSY????
I would have done the SAME THING!

Ichigo is looking like an IDIOT! Never EXPECTED THAT KICK, I guess!
Without the White Moon, the Black Sun is eclipsed.   

This is how the Rain is dried! Kick & scold the hell out of Ichigo!
Because this is what that guy needs!

But, then she DOES know about the situation. Maturity effect is responsible for Rukia effect?

Wait, in FTB, it was said that once a bond forms, it can never be broken. So it was overwritten. I think those could be restored. But maybe not as strong as before.

Confused… O.O

I personally believe Tsukishima can never ever effect the IchiRuki bond… its deep guys, hell deep! Since Rukia said that the Shinigami powers of Ichigo can never completely vanish, so the bond that originated from it should also not? Speculation? It seems correct in my view.

Ichigo is…

Listening to her, awestruck!

I m so HAPPY~! Because this is what I had heard:



To fellow IchiRuki,  I know, it was awesome!

“Am I wrong, Ichigo?”
Never, MY SNOW QUEEN, never!

Still dumbstruck? Ichigo, you are sooooo obvious!

AND REMEMBER GUYS, if you ever meet fuku-taichou Rukia, never interrupt her with serious words! SHE WILL KILL YOU!

Finally, shouting & quarreling.

This certainly brings my mind to peace, because our beloved DEATH-BERRY IS BACK!

TRANSFER OF THE SHINIGAMI POWERS! This is how it all started~!

That reminds me, Rukia didn’t lose her powers this time, right? Must be due to Urahara’s sword!




Their new looks are JUST AWESOME!

Renji’s hair or rather, his pony became more bushy!

Byakuya ‘s Kensaiken are gone? And his dress become SO MUCH MORE COOLER! I can see a little of his gloves, though. The best looking, just a bit less than his sis & her l— Ichigo!!!


Zaraki looks cool, along with Ikkaku!

 I think the new Captain Haori were give to them after they lost their in Hueco Mundo. Remember how Yamaji scolded them? XD (Byakuya said they were”Cheap”!) XD

But this also means Soul Society supports Ichigo. Rukia won’t be (almost)executed again! ^_^

Since only Rukia was introduced first, it means that all of them understand the IchiRuki bond.
And they let only Rukia stab him? Why? ICHIRUKI IS OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE~!


Show them Ichigo~!!!



Thats what we say in hindi; “Ishq wale Aankhon ki Baat Samajh Lete Hai”


“Lovers can understand each other through eyes”

One gaze from Rukia, and Ichigo STARTED kicking off Ginjou’s ass!

…Huge Reiatsu!


Getsuga Tensho = Zangetsu = NOTHING CHANGED!


HENCE WE REACH the end of the chapter 1, oh, wait, I mean Chapter 460!!!



I didn’t upload every single page, because, I WANT YOU ALL TO GO AND READ IT ON MANGASTREAM! THOSE GUYS ROCK!!!

And yeah, all credits of the image to Tite Kubo sensei and MangaStream!


Thanks for Reading.

Arigatou no Gozaimasu,

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The White Moon glows again… Rukia is BACK!

You heard it right. Its Rukia. Rukia Kuchiki.

Ichigo’s Ray of Light.






Our dear protagonist. Our dear lieu— … (surprise is gonna come after the images!) OUR SWEET RUKIA.

Rukia, when she left for Soul Society MONTHS ago… she left an emptiness in the hearts of the whole Bleach fandom. But now, she’s back. The sad farewell, who could forget it?

The loving gaze;

The lovers thought they won’t meet each other ever again.
But What HAPPENED? RUKIA CAME BACK! After almost 2 yrs!!!!!! :3

First, see this! A pure white sword?  No one seems to be holding it too, as illustrated in the lower panel! No ways, its impossible!

The long awaited reunion takes place as follows:

Here’s what had happened:

Ginjou betrayed Ichigo, sadly… even I never thought he would do so. Ishida came to help Ichigo, but to no avail. Ultimately, when Ichigo was broken, & was in tears, he was stabbed right in the middle by a **hint** “pure white” sword, & he thought that even Isshin betrayed him…

Just who is holding that sword? Its someone you love dear. Its again highlighted that even Isshin & Urahara know how close (emotionally, mentally, lovingly, s— 😉 ) Ichigo & Rukia are… 

Astonished? Amazed? Surprised? Awed? Stupified? Owned? 
Wanna Hug Her, ICHIGO? 

Now, for Rukia’s analysis:

You know, right? Rukia is beautiful, in the true sense of the word. She seems to have a change of dress. She’s wearing gloves, and her sleeve is shorter. Her uniform is more stylish!!! A little more tomboyish Rukia… because she has cut her hair short!!! Being well seasoned with the shounen manga, I can easily conclude that this is a symbol for the girl characters who have matured, grown stronger & had a huge personality development, if they can have that, because Rukia is already perfect in my eyes! Though i would have preferred longer hair. She is feminine, & marvelously strong. I love that. 

Now for the badge, she has on her right shoulder. Its, yes, its a lieutenant’s badge. Judging from the looks of it, its of the 13th Squad. Also she is wearing the Kuchiki gloves!!! Sheesh! That means she has finally proved herself worthy of the Kuchiki name! WAY TO GO, RUKIA!

Now to the conclusion, in this short span of time(for the shinigami at least), Rukia has grown powerful, & matured enough to get Byakuya’s permission to become the Vice-Captain of the the 13th Gotei Squad, under Ukitake taichou. That means we can see her new fighting techniques!!! YAY!!! Rukia, achieve Bankai! I had already guessed that she would be more powerful, but more beautiful? Never thought so!

I can’t wait to see her being addressed as a “fuku-taichou”!!! Good GOD! She was going to be executed once. Now, I(& every single true Bleach fan) hope she becomes a captain even sooner! The partnership of Rukia & Ukitake!!! Kubo-sensei, you have stirred up my imagination to great heights!

Now for the awaited gaze. Guys, in all sanity, it never grows old! Here:

The old missed gaze!!! I M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I bet every single IchiRuki fangirl is!  Again, a WHOLE page is dedicated to this couple! Kubo-sensei seriously loves his daughter!

Remember the sword? Ichigo has finally regained his powers!!! XD

And as for his expression, Tatsuki said that Ichigo would cry whenever he lost, but he would stop crying the instant he saw his mother. Because she stopped the rain. Now, ITS RUKIA!!!

 Just to end it, Kubo-sensei gave us an amazing Ichigo sketch, as a shinigami!!!!


The Black Sun is finally out. The Eclipse is over. It has stopped raining. And guess who stopped the rain? Rukia.


So, guys! Hope you liked this post, because I loved writing this! Thanks to the author & the scantalators, of course!

BTW, Rukia is my favorite character!

Now that Rukia is back, even I can show my true colors & prepare for my exams happily!  Ichigo has regained his powers! I think i can finally change myself! Here is a gift for all of you! A wallpaper to celebrate Rukia’s return!

Please comment!

Thanks for reading!!!

Arigatou no Gozaimasu!

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Tsurara X Rikuo – Nurarihyon No Mago (Hints by the author)

In this really short post, I m just posting a few pics, collected from here & there, from the manga, Nurarihyon no Mago by Hiroshi Shibashi sensei.

Here are some consecutive colored pages, from the manga:

The Hushed Snow falling heavily, set against the Brilliant Red of a man’s figure.

Snow and Ice may Scatter with the wind, but feelings continue to pile up.

So, Tsurara is on Rikuo’s LAP. Can things get more obvious?

One of the latest chapter covers;

Why would Shibashi sensei draw this, if not for the RxT??? ^^

 “Mysterious flower blooms in shadows”
Umbrella is the symbol of love in Japan.
With heart shaped cherry blossoms.
Even Kubo-sensei wasn’t soooo shippy~!!! 

The most teasing cover in Nayrael-san(& now my) opinion!!!
I almost forgot this, or I seriously didn’t know its significance… until Nayrael-san (VISIT THE MANGAFOX FORUMS TO KNOW HOW AWESOME HE IS) kindly reminded me & commented… 

Not a cover, but this says a lot…


Some DAMN CUTE pages;

“Leave that to that”; followed by an amazing but really obvious change of the subject.

It has long been noticed, the public favor of a couple within the manga itself does raise the chance of its happening. Its the writer’s way to gather attention towards his  intended couple. There were so many instances of it in the manga. Here is another…

An interesting fact;

First, Rikuo used to call Tsurara as “Yuki Onna”, as she didn’t name herself till around 4 yrs. later… But the most interesting thing is that Rikuo always calls her “Tsurara” since she kept kept her name, whether it be his yokai or his human form as highlighted above(and below & everywhere). :3 


Things like these…,
aren’t just for show, dear.

Popularity Polls:

(courtesy to Nurarihyon Wikia, links kept intact);


Ranking Character Votes
1 Rikuo Nura (yōkai) 2,562
2 Nurarihyon (past) 1,210
3 Yuki Onna (Tsurara Oikawa) 1,202


Ranking Character Votes
1 Rikuo Nura (yōkai) 3,231
2 Yuki Onna (Tsurara Oikawa) 2,165

 Our dear Tsurara chan sure is quite popular… beating even Nurarihyon, Rihan & the whole cast of the story!!!!!!

Funny Kawaii moments, as well as some serious ones:


So his concentration shifted from Tsurara to the whole Hakki Yakou!!!

Maybe the human form maybe didn’t understand it. But the YOUKAI one sure did.

PERSONALITIES DO MATTER. So, here are some glimpses of Tsurara’s personality.


Tough when she has to be.

Just included because this part greatly resembled how Nurarihyon saved Youhime… :3

Just included to show nearness. Sweet…

Alone on the Roof-top!!!

Ok…. I got your point of highlighting this very nicely, sensei.

If I was the author, I would never have written “TOO” without implying RxT!

Hard-working, cute and cheerful… what more can you want?

As for her lack of fighting skills, like Yura, she was not trained to fight… so of course she is not that skilled.

And as for her beauty due to being Yuki Onna, she is actually more beautiful than Reika, or cuter than Setsura, as stated by the manga. 

And her “jealousy“? Or should I say “over-protectiveness misunderstood for jealousy?”. I also said in my previous post, jealousy due to physical nearness can be over-looked. Its obvious, right? If I or even you were in that position, we would feel the same. But Tsurara is NOT jealous! So why am I saying this? For the stubborn people who still ( =.=”) believe otherwise! Its only emotional attachment that one should not be jealous of, and of which Tsurara isn’t, as much as I feel, she is the person most close to Rikuo, more than even Wakana.

Now, for some FINAL moments…




Say what you may, but I CANNOT classify this expression as something OTHER THAN love.

Pffftttt…… NOW I LOVE THIS!

Finally, I would say that Shibashi-sensei is wasting really too much ink on his creations; if he is not bend hinting RxT XD, so I was just trying to help him in his efforts… XD


Did you like it? I truly enjoyed writing this!!! XD Personally I think “Chasing Hearts” by Miwa is a cute song for Tsurara, with suitable voice and lyrics!!! And yeah, courtesy to mangafox, mangacurse and wikia, and the author himself!!!

Anyone  has not yet stalked the live-journal posts of another TsuraraxRikuo subordinate, Lone-wuffle -san  is welcome to see this AMAZING & CUTE FAN-FICTION, (the first one so genuine, after months of obsessions.): The Precariousness of Affection … 

And also, if you have not visited the DevianArt profile of KoNan03, GO TO THIS PAGE RIGHT NOW: Nurarihyon No Mago , because the artwork is SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL. *.*

And as for the reasons for my hiatus;
Well, Actually there is a big exam after two years, called IIT-JEE in my country. I need to get a good position in order to get into the top colleges in India. Its really tough, so I’ll be preparing for it in the NEXT 2 years. I’ll come back after that! I would be watching my regular anime series though, and reading manga as well! XD

Anyways, bye for now!!!

Thanks for reading.

Arigatou No Gozaimasu.

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TAKUMI USUI’S BIRTHDAY!!! – April 27, 2011

TODAY’s A SPECIAL POST ABOUT USUI TAKUMI, currently rated the hottest guy of Anime!!! This post is gonna completely be made of pics, with some lines about this awesome anime character!!!

Who is Usui Takumi?

USUI TAKUMI is the male protagonist of the famous shoujo anime/manga: KAICHOU WA MAID SAMA by Hiro Fujiwara-sama. He is perfect in everything… maybe he really is a Stupid Outer-space Perverted Alien.  I want that ability too!!!

The most recent data:
Age: 18
Class: 3-2
Date of Birth: April 27th
Height: 186 cm
Blood Type: O
Special Skill: Everything he does and observing Misaki.
Interest: Observation of Misaki Ayuzawa.
Favorite food: Misa-chan’s Omelette Rice. (No, she can’t cook. But she was able to destroy her rice soup’s natural
flavour… which wasn’t possible according to Usui)

Favorite word: Misaki Ayuzawa
Relationship status: Currently dating Misaki Ayuzawa(secretly, on her request), the Tsundere President of Student Council
of Seika High School. Not yet busted. Rumours of being busted in Chapter 60.

Some information is from the LALA magazine’s special episode.

If I can choose, I have no problems with being with a perverted alien, if he’s Usui!

This is his girl:


She places second to Usui in everything… even in popularity polls, except in destroying the flavour of the food. Yet cuter, more beautiful, more skilled than us? I understand your pain… but MisakixUsui has to be!!!

Usui’s “gentleman look”

These pics… *fangirl scream*

can’t be described…

How can a person so awesome be so hilarious too?

When you think this guy can’t be any more epic…

The “you are gonna get raped” situation with Misaki…

All the rights of the pics go to the creators… I just found them while surfing on the web… so please don’t get angry, k?

Well guys, you may have already guessed, I am really obsessed with THIS stupid perverted outer space alien since an year.

Here comes the second guy I like, who lost to Usui by only few points: COLONEL ROY MUSTANG of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood!!!

So there… My last few words in this post :


Here’s the cover of Animonster’s Valentine Edition 2011.

Sweet, eh?

I read that there will be a special episode today… in the honour of Usui’s birthday… so be ready for that this week!!!
I’ll update a subbed episode link as soon as I get it.

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Rendezvous of Forbidden Love. Help my friends @extrange and @kurosaki_girl15

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Gosick is an awesome sauce manga by Kazuki Sakuraba, published by Fujimi Shobo.

It was recently made into an anime by Bones Inc.!

And, I LOVED IT!!! Bones has never disappointed me, since Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and GOSICK no less~!

Settings: I St. Marguerite Academy at the base of Alps in a small European Country of Sauville.

Gosick revolves around:

1.Kujo Kazuya( or “The Dark Shinigami”), third son of a Japanese Imperial soldier(seems to be proud of that) who has lived in the shadow of his two high-achieving elder brothers, and wishes to overcome that.

Over the series, he develops feelings for Victorique, protecting her in near death situations! He also spends quite some time with her.

He even asks the Village Elder of Seyrun, when he spoke as an Oracle, that if he will be able to stay with Victorique forever and was disappointed by his answer!!

One interesting thing to note about Kujo-kun is that he seems to have a fetish for girls! In every situation, he seems to involve a girl, like Cecile, the noble’s daughter, the motorcyclist’s Assassin, or Queen Berry’s creator, or Elder Theodore’s actual assassin, or (how can we forget?) Avril Bradley! Thats so interesting! And of course Victorique!!! ^^

He also has a sister who sent a kimono for Victorique!


2. Victorique De Blois( or “The Golden Fairy”), a brilliant genius, but an illegitimate(or not?) child of the Blios family. She has had a hard childhood, and remains in the Library all the time. She has a brother, Grevil with a drilling hairstyle(demanded by her for solving a case), who does not even consider her as a sister, but cares about her(I think so!).

Being the descendant of the Gray Wolves, she is intelligent and has her ‘wellspring of wisdom” which is shown as she reconstructs the chaos.

She is a TSUNDERE!!! Again, one of my favorites! She doesn’t show that she like Kujo’s sister’s gift, but look at her singing “Kujo-kun gave me a kimono! Kiiimonooo”:

She also develops feelings for Kujo-kun, and cares about him a lot though she doesn’t show it due to her tsundere character. ^KAWAII^

Almost in tears, after she asked the Oracle same question as Kujo-kun!

She always seems to have a pipe, while she is thinking! Though she has no smoke though.

She is cute when she has a cold!

As a child, one of her pics:


Why I like GOSICK?

1. It has an awesome plot, with mystery, and thrills…

2. Awesome and well-developed Characters.

3. Good background, not all lovey-dovey too.

4. Tsundere VICTORIQUE!

5. I like all anime/manga that show that life is not at all easy. That somehow portrays the       reality…


Who is Brain Roscou(the magician) and why did he leave a pic of Victorique and Cordelia at Seyrun? Who was that standing with him watching Victorique and Kujo? Was she Cordelia? Is he good or bad? Why did he tell his men to handle the box carefully as a young lady has caught a cold today(was he referring to Cordelia or Victorique)?

I need those answers as fast as possible!!! I keep following the series till it ends! Its hard to spot such an epic series these days!!! See ya later!!!

On an ending note: You  may say why I didn’t include it in a wiki. Its because this has a personal touch.

P.S. See the following manga series at Mangafox: Iris Zero, Melo Holic, Black Wind, Shi Ni Itaru Yamai and  Dr. Frost. I m sure you’ll love them.

But you will love IRIS ZERO the most!

Anyways, Bye for now!

Thank you for reading!

Arigatou no Gozaimasu!





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